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Baobab Tree

(Andansonia digitata)
Andansonia digitata

We were completely lost outside Bagamoyo, Tanzania and the fuel gauge read empty. We were hot, thirsty and cranky. We were looking for the Kaole ruins (which supposedly boasted several amazing specimens of the famed Baobab tree) and arguing about whose fault it was when we rounded a bend in the road and came upon one of the largest living things we had ever seen. We stopped the car and sat in silence admiring one of the planets oddest life forms. This monster Baobab tree must have been over 800 years old. Its great age was revealed through the thousands of scars, holes, and scratches in her wrinkled trunk, which was glowing bright orange in the fading African sun. She was about 80 feet tall and we measured her diameter at 30 feet! We collected some seeds and rested under her canopy before moving on in much better spirits.

We offer several sizes of Baobab trees each grown from the seed collected from this great mother tree. Specimens for sale vary in age from three to seven years old. Each tree is artfully trimmed and shaped into a pleasing bonsai. All plants are shipped bare root. A care sheet is included with each purchase. Please check out our Bonsai Kits to help you create an amazing Bonsai presentation!

3 Year Old Baobab Tree

3 Year Old Baobab Tree


7 Year Old Baobab Tree


5 Year Old Baobab tree