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Trilobite Hollardops burtandmimiae

(Hollardops burtandmimiae)
Hollardops burtandmimiae

This Trilobite specimen is an elegant example of a Hollardops burtandmimiae of the Order Phacopida, Subfamily Asteropyginae with many fine details present. Notice the many eye facets present on this example. The Asteropyginae recently have undergone revision. This one has been known in the past as Metacanthina, an entirely different trilobite (see my other offerings). This one differs from the more common Hollardops mesocristata in that the pygidial spines are somewhat more pointed. Gondwanaland trading Company offers many fine examples of Trilobites for sale.

Trilobite Hollardops burtandmimiae

#14002-FM Trilobite Hollardops burtandmimiae

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