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Trilobite Phacops africanus

(Phacops africanus)
Phacops africanus

This specimen is a dramatic example of a trilobite known as Phacops africanus. It differs from the more common Phacops speculator in the smoother exoskeleton and deeply incised grooves in the pygidium. This is a stunning example of a new preparation technique being attempted by our main supplier of quality Moroccan trilobites. Relocating to a facility which has a reliable supply of consistent electricity, they have begun to turn out material NEVER BEFORE offered displayed in such dramatic fashion. A great deal of prep time went into freestanding this specimen. The pleural elements have been prepared free of matrix, as well the pygidium, displaying the specimen as if suspended in space. You must agree that the end result was worth all the extra effort, making this a highly-desirable example of the preparator’s skill. Gondwanaland Trading Company sells unusual and unique Trilobite fossils.

Trilobite Phacops africanus

#12140- FM Trilobite Phacops africanus

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