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Elephant Bird Egg

(Aepyornis maximus egg)
Aepyornis maximus egg

This is a monster egg from the largest bird to ever live, the Elephant Bird. Aepyornis maximus, also known as the Elephant Bird was only found in ancient Madagascar. Its eggs were are the largest from any known creature, including dinosaurs!

This amazing egg was found in an prehistoric nest and painstakingly pieced back together to resurrect this amazing egg. Elephant Bird eggs are quite rare on the market and do not come up for sale often. Here is your chance to have one of your very own. Get yours now before it is too late! Just imagine this amazing piece in your home or office. The egg comes with the pictured wooden stand.

Much lower quality eggs pieced together from many different eggs and sanded to fit have recently sold for over $3000. Check out the recent I. M. Chait Auction:

Elephant Egg

#Elegg2 Elephant Egg

$3000.00 Sale! $2799.00