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Mosasaur Skull, Unprepared

(Platecarpus Skull)
Platecarpus Skull

This is an amazing unprepared Platecarpus, (Mosasaurus) skull which has had no repair or restoration coming just like this straight from the Sahara Desert. The skull is incredibly complete and is in amazing condition. This is a great skull to display as it is or to remove and prepare. We offer this skull as it is or we can do a 3D preparation. We have cleaned up the plaster Jacket and made it thicker so the piece can be displayed artistically as it is. This skull is listed at less than half of retail and is a real bargain for anyone looking to own one of these incredible reptiles.

Our low Fossil Shack Price: $14,500 as it sits, or $36,500 3D prepared. Check with us for shipping charges. We ship insured.

Mosasaur Skull, Unprepared

#Mosas1 Mosasaur Skull, Unprepared

$17999.00 Sale! $15999.00
Mosasaur Skull

#Mosas1 prep FS Mosasaur Skull

$42999.00 Sale! $39500.00