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Aloe Delta Lights

(Aloe deltoideodonta)
Aloe deltoideodonta

Aloe 'Delta Lights' is a stunning brightly variegated plant that grows to 18 inches tall by about 2 feet wide with leaves that are 3 inches wide at the base and tapper gently towards the tips. They are dark green in color but so heavily marked with a pale greenish cream color, that the leaf looks to be all this color with zigzagging green horizontal bands. This incredibly rare hybrid comes from the parent plant Aloe deltoideodonta, which comes from southern central Madagascar. We are still trying to get a feel for how best to grow this plant but thing that full morning sun might be the best to bring out the great color but not burn the leaves. The species is very tough and tolerates full sun and occasional irrigation and is hardy to around 25° F - time will tell on this new hybrid. Should prove to be a great plant for containers or in the ground in the garden

Aloe 'Delta Lights'

Aloe 'Delta Lights'

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