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Turk's Cap

(Malvaviscus arboreus )
Malvaviscus arboreus

We found this wonderful plant growing in the Veracruz moist forests, between the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Gulf of Mexico. Its natural range is from southern Texas down to Brazil and throughout the Caribbean basin.  On that trip we discovered this unusual plant growing in the filtered shade on sandy well draining soil.  This is a freely-branching shrub that can grow as large as 15 feet tall by 12 feet wide with slightly lobed downy green leaves and has showy flowers that have upright red petals that enclose all but the tip of the floral tube comprised of the stigma and stamens. The brilliant vermillion red flowers show for most of the year. You can purchase plants grown from seed from us in 4” pots $19.99each

Turks Cap

Turks Cap