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Sanseveria Masons Congo

(Sansevieria masoniana)
Sansevieria masoniana

Sansevieria masoniana is one of those plants you simply must have if you are interested in unusual plants. This semi-succulent plant has wonderful long, 8-10 inches wide, dark green leaves with smudged, light green spots and a unique purple-banded sheath that make it look more like a snake or giant flat worm than a plant!  It is absolutely excellent as a large houseplant, tolerating low light levels and infrequent irrigation. If grown in bright light, it will bloom by forming a stalk of white flower clusters arising from the center of the plant. The wide, stiff, waxy, mottled leaves will grow quite large if given the room; there are reports of it getting to 6 feet tall though we have yet to see it quite this big - usually seen at 3 to 4 feet in height. It is hardy to at least 30° F if kept dry or in a very well-draining soil. This plant was collected in what was called the Belgian Congo (then Zaire and now Democratic Republic of the Congo) by Maurice Mason, a renowned plant collector from of Norfolk, England and was originally introduced as Sansevieria 'Mason's Congo' It was long placed in the Agavaceae and then the Dracaenaceae family, this genus is now considered to be correctly placed in the Asparagaceae family. This unusual plant is sold in 1 gallon containers.

Sansevieria Masons Congo

Sansevieria Masons Congo

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