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False Gavial Skull

(Teaching Quality Replica)
Teaching Quality Replica

False Gavial Skull - The false gavial, also called the false gharial, is native to freshwater swamps, lakes and rivers of Indonesia, Malaysia and possibly Vietnam. Although it belongs to separate family, this species is very similar in appearance to the Indian gavial and occupies the same ecological  niche. The false gavial can reach a length of 16 feet (5 M). This species diet consists of fish, insects, crustaceans, and small mammals.

Other Names:

"Malayan Gharial","False Gharial"


CLASS: Reptilia
ORDER: Crocodylia
FAMILY: Gavialidae

Origin: Asia

 This skull is a Teaching Quality Replica and measures 32.2 inches long

False Gavial Skull

#TQ-367 False Gavial Skull

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