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Rare Amphibian Fossil

(Edingerella madagascariensis)
Edingerella madagascariensis

Description: This is a fine example of a rarely seen amphibian; a temnospondyl known as Edingerella from the Early Triassic of Madagascar. It is placed here in the Reptile section of the store as amphibians are almost never offered. The Temnosodyli were thought to have died out at the end of the Jurassic, but new material shows that they survived until the Late Cretaceous Aptian Stage. The genus inhabited brackish to shallow coastal marine waters, unlike the amphibians of today Its sharp teeth were suited to preying on fish and other smaller amphibians in its environment. This is a fine skull of this interesting amphibian, preserved as a part and counterpart in this complete nodule.I have included a restoration of what it looked like in life.

Rare Amphibian Fossil

#UKF181-FM Rare Amphibian Fossil

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