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Silver Sage

(Salvia argentea)
Salvia argentea

Salvia argentea (Silver Sage) - A biennial perennial from the Mediterranean region from Southern Europe and North Africa to the Eastern Mediterranean. It forms a stunningly beautiful 1-2 feet high mound by nearly 3 feet across with leaves that are whitish silver-gray, irregularly lobed, and quite fuzzy; at maturity their length is between 8-15 inches and 6 inches across. In early summer mature plants produce a 2-3 foot candelabrum-shaped flower spike that holds white flowers tinged with yellow or pink that are held on tiered whorls. Plant in full sun in a well-drained soil. Water only occasionally. Hardy to -20° F and reportedly grown into USDA Zone 5a. This plant is primarily grown for its foliage and its lifespan in the garden may be prolonged if the inflorescence is removed as it is initiated but this plant can also perpetuate itself by seeding about so one may want to let the plant flower and go to seed.

Silver Sage
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Silver Sage

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