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Tree Dandelion

(Sonchus canariensis )
Sonchus canariensis

We were exploring the island of Madeira in the North Atlantic Ocean driving from Ponte da Cruz to Ponte São Jorge and as we rounded a bend in the road we found ourselves head to head with a speeding, wildly careening car coming right at us. Our driver cranked the wheel hard to the right and we shot off the road onto the shoulder in a cloud of dust coming to a grinding halt against the rock cut of the road. The other car shot past us and drove straight off the road at full speed into the bushes and came to a stop. We all jumped out the left side of our vehicle and ran to check on the driver of the other car. Needless to say he was feeling no pain as he was profoundly inebriated!   On that trip we came accross Sonchus canariensis and it is defenitely a Dr. Suess plant! It grows 6’ to 8’ tall and has very drametic and unusual leaves with a full head of yellow, Dandelion like flowers in spring.  This plant is hardy down to 25 degrees and is a must have for any plant collector! Sold in Quart containers. $19.99

Giant Tree Dandelion

Giant Tree Dandelion

$29.99 Sale! $19.99