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Adenium Obesum

Everyone stopped and held their breath. “Don’t make a sound and wait here” our guide Peter admonished us as he disappeared into the bush.  Up ahead, we could see Maka draw back his spear laced with the deadly poison from the Adenium obesum tree and effortlessly heave it in a long soft arc. The Hadza were excellent hunters and Maka was no exception. We could not see where it went but heard a loud snort and the sound heavy hooves hitting the rock hard clay as it landed. A Giraffe galloped by us, all 5 meters of it, at full speed! It was an awesome sight and we could feel the ground vibrate as it barreled past. We could also see Maka’s spear hanging and bouncing from the Giraffe’s shoulder as it ran by with Maka in close pursuit. Peter then ran by and motioned us to follow. The chase was on!  Just another boring day in Tanzania!   We were in the Mbulu Highlands with our friend and guide Peter who was friends with some members of the Hadza tribe. We had a rare opportunity to visit these remarkable people and witness one of their hunts. When we finally caught up with Maka and Peter the Giraffe was already dead. The poison is that strong! That night as the rest of the band of Hadza gathered and made camp by the giraffe carcass we were shown how to make poison for their spears from the Adenium Obesum plant. The next day Maka and Peter showed us some very old specimens that were stunning growing right out of a sheer rock escarpment and covered with dark pink flowers! We offer several sizes of Adenium Obesum trees each grown from the seed collected from these wonderful trees. We offer several sizes of Adenium trees each grown from the seed collected from these amazing trees. We grow them trees for two years on our farms in Mozambique and Ethiopia which gives them a true African patina of scratches, holes and marks as they have in nature. We then import them and grow them for several more years to bulk them up. Our Adenium trees for sale vary in age from three to nine years old. Each tree is artfully trimmed and shaped into a pleasing bonsai. Specimen plants are available as well. All plants are shipped bare root. A care sheet is included with each purchase. Please check out our Bonsai Kits to help you create an amazing Bonsai presentation!