Bonsai Silk Floss Tree

(Ceiba speciosa bonsai )

Bonsai Cebia-Bonsai for sale cebia tree bonsai for sale

Bonsai Cebia

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We were invited to a ceremony by the village shaman. The heat was stifling and it was 8:30 pm in the Napo region of Ecuador. We were led to the shaman’s fire and over it was a cauldron of boiling white liquid which smelled faintly of urine. Several women were sitting around the cauldron chewing vigorously and spitting into it. There was a pile of assorted plants few of which could we identify. We were able to identify Banisteriopsis vine, Psychotri viridis leaves and a large pile of Ceiba speciosa seeds. Only then did we realize we were going to be drinking ayahuasca as part of a purification ceremony. When we awoke in the morning we compared notes on each other’s experiences. No two were alike but each was life changing in some way. The shaman offered us all of the Ceiba speciosa seeds we wanted and as we each loaded up we gave thanks to our host for an evening none of us would ever forget!  

We offer 10 year old Ceiba speciosa trees that are shaped into incredible Bonsai presentaions! Plants shipped bare root.