Gondwanaland Trading Company
From the Ends of the Earth, to the Beginning of Time!

Crystallized Mineral Specimens

Crystallized Minerals are the earth’s confections: Take a dash of Silicon, a cup of Lignite, add two teaspoons of Cobalt, heat to 3,700 degrees F. Place under seven hundred thousand pounds per square inch of pressure and bake for one million years and vela! You have a beautiful Crystal! Mineral Crystals are the product of a fusion between geology and chemistry and come in a mind boggling variety of shapes, colors, and textures.

We offer only the most unusual and beautiful assortment of Mineral specimens from all over the globe. These one of a kind pieces are selected for their quality, uniqueness, and beauty and we are sure that they will be a focal piece for your collection for years to come. We make every effort to update our listings but since these are one of a kind specimens, please inquire as to availability prior to purchasing.