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Napenthes Pitcher Plant

(Napenthes Hybrid (Maxima x unknown ))
Napenthes Hybrid (Maxima x unknown )

This hybrid Napenthes parentage is unknown but one of which was definitely Maxima. We had around a dozen different Napenthes species in our unheated greenhouse and over the course of six seasons this monster took over and squeezed out all competitors! This plant is a champion! It is incredibly easy and fast growing, will adapt to variable light conditions, and is not fussy over temperatures surviving several nights below 45 degrees. Humidity is the key. It grows best with part sun, warm temps and humidity making it a wonderful houseplant. The massive pictures form with longer the photo periods so it is not uncommon to have a vigorous plant growing like gangbusters with no pitchers. Don’t worry! They will form in the spring and will generally die off over the winter. This plant can grow very large in a relatively small pot being largely arboreal. This is definitely the easiest Napenthes to grow and a great conversation piece!

Sold in quart containers and may or may not have pictures when sold. $19.99

Napenthes Giant Pitcher Plant

Napenthes Giant Pitcher Plant

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