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Lime Green Giant Stick Insect

(Diapherodes Gigantea Stick Insect)
Diapherodes Gigantea Stick Insect
Diapherodes Gigantea, Lime Green Giant

Diapherodes Gigantea, Lime Green Giant

We had flown into St. Lucia, an island in the Caribbean Sea, and were waiting for our “Bare-boat” captain to show. We were nursing our beers under the lovely canopy of a huge banyan tree when all of a sudden, a rain of small black-brown colored “Seeds” rained down upon us. We all looked at each other, completely surprised, (and possibly grossed out)! We all had enjoyed our first baptism by stick insect! We looked into the tree more closely and found several Diapherodes Gigantea releasing their eggs. It is said half jokingly that the Giant Lime-Green Stick Insect is the largest indigenous animal! It is huge! Females, which can be over a foot long, are a brilliant shade of apple green. They have short, stubby yellow spines and serrated legs. They have a large chute at the end of the abdomen for flicking eggs and also have small rudimentary wings which are useless for flight. Males are a little less brightly colored, being a light chocolate brown with wings a reddish-brown, but are still incredible looking! These beautiful creatures are docile, easily handled, and make great pets! They eat many kinds of plants including but not limited to: Berry, Eucalyptus, Oak, Hawthorne, English Ivy, and Privet. We currently have several nymphs for sale and also offer Ova and dried specimens at various times so please inquire as to which you are interested in.

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