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Bunya Pine

(Araucaria Bidwillii )
Araucaria Bidwillii

We were traveling a steep and windy road in the Bunya Mountains in Mount Lewis National Park located in Northern Queensland. It was pouring down rain in sheets only to stop and then begin again. The roads were getting muddy and swirls of mist drifted over obscuring our sight of the road intermittently. The sun suddenly broke through the clouds turning all of the trees and leaves into glistening crystals. We looked ahead in the road and slammed on the brakes. In the road was a one meter long blue colored snake! It was beautiful! As we got out to investigate we noticed it did not run away as a snake would. We also could not help but notice that it had no eyes!

It turns out it was not a snake but a huge worm; Terriswalkerius terrareginae to be exact; One of the largest earthworms in the world. What a find! It was there at Mount Lewis Park that we saw some impressive Araucaria Bidwilli or Bunya Pine trees. Specimens were over a hundred feet tall and were over 500 years old. The trunks were incredibly shaped with bumps and wrinkles. Araucaria bidwillii, or Bunya pine, is the last surviving species of the Section Bunya of the genus Araucaria and is now only found naturally in south-east Queensland Australia and two small disconnected populations in north eastern Queensland's World Heritage listed Wet Tropics.

We offer these remarkable trees in 15 gallon containers while supplies last.

Araucaria Bidwillii, Bunya Pine

Araucaria Bidwillii, Bunya Pine

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