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Macleays Spectre Stick Insect

(Extatosoma tiaratum Stick Insect)
Extatosoma tiaratum Stick Insect

The Macleays Spectre Stick Insect is an unusual insect not commonly found in captivity. That is surprising because they are very easy to keep and make an incredible conversation piece! They are herbivores who eat leaves only and whose range is from Queensland in northern Australia out into the Pacific islands around New Guinea. The female relies on camouflage for protection. These insects will eat a wide range of leaves from Eucalyptus, Oak, Berry vines, Photinia, Hawthorn, and English Ivy to name just a few. This particular line of insect has been bred to produce a 'black and white 'lichen camouflage' effect which is visible from the 2nd shedding onwards. The eggs are from mated insects so will be both male and female upon hatching. They come with hatching and feeding instructions. We have several nymphs and one adult male currently in stock. We also offer dried and mounted specimens when available. Please inquire.

Extatosoma tiaratum  Macleays Spectre Stick Insect

Extatosoma tiaratum Macleays Spectre Stick Insect

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