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Giant Horsetail 10' Tall


We first discovered this rare plant while driving at night in Nicaragua. We “took a shortcut straight into a marsh! As we exited the sinking car towards higher ground our shoes were sucked off our feet! Everyone lost at least one! As we regrouped on the embankment we noticed a spectacular stand of Equisetum myriochaetum. It was absolutely stunning with a faint blue glow to the rings where the light green needles radiate out from each one. This is a rare plant for sales avaliable at our website. This plant is truly beautiful and one of the best container plants we have ever grown. If you are looking for a prehistoric looking plant then look no further! This is truly a giant horsetail growing over ten feet tall in optimal conditions. It is a great container plant and should never be planted in open wet ground as it will quickly become invasive.

Sold in 4” pots. $19.99

Giant Horsetail

Giant Horsetail