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Saber Tooth Cat Skull

Hoplophoneus Mentalis is saber tooth Cat from the family Nimravidae, of North America during the Late Eocene to Early Oligocene epochs (38—33.3 mya) It similar to modern cats such as the Leopard in appearance but had very long Canines and large flanges on its lower jaw to help protect its teeth.

Our Hoplophoneus is a truly amazing specimen. It has a natural endocast of the brain allowing you to see what the brain looked like while the animal was alive! Soft-tissue fossils such as this are very rare.

All of the teeth on this saber tooth have been restored, as well as the entire lower jaw. Even with such restoration, it is an amazing specimen and is being offered at a tremendous price. It is a display piece that compares to any museum and makes a great centerpiece in any collection. Gondwanaland Trading Company sells rare and unique Fossils on the internet.